March 22

Top 5 Wood Floor Vacuum Cleaners

One of the most elegant and beautiful floor finishing is the hardwood floor. These alluring floors require the best vacuum for hardwood floors along with constant cleaning to keep their luster alive for many years to come. Below we have listed 5 of the best small-sized vacuums that would do justice to your hardwood floors.

Top Vacuum For Hardwood Flooring

1. Miele S8590 Alize

This great canister vacuum from Miele is a little on the expensive side but is one of the most powerful and lightweight vacuums available on the market. With a amazing 1200 watt vortex motor this vacuum is guaranteed to last a very long time. This Miele also comes with a AirTeQ combination floor tool that is ideal to clean low lying rugs and carpets.

2. BISSELL PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor

A great offering from BISSELL, the PowerEdge 81L2T is not your conventional vacuum for hardwood floors. One of the main features that differentiates it from other vacuums is the shape of its intake port. Instead of the conventional flat port, this one has a V shaped input port. This makes it a breeze to clean those tough to reach corners and get around the furniture. The BISSELL PowerEdge also doubles up as one of the best pet hair vacuum around as it was designed to clean up different types of pet hair and dander with ease. The vacuum machine in itself is so compact that it can easily be stored in a small space or the broom closet. It weighs just over ten pounds and costs just under fifty dollars.

3. Hoover Linx Cordless

This machine is the only cordless vacuum on this list. The Hoover Linx is powered by a rechargeable 18 volt lithium ion battery. It is practical and compact cleaner which can easily reach the corners and since there are no cords to be dealt with, it can easily reach under the chairs, beds and other furniture. It also comes with a brush which can be toggled by hitting a button which activates the brush. This helps to clean carpets and rugs if required.

4. Dirt Devil Accucharge

Another canister cleaner but this time from Dirt Devil. The Dirt Devil Accucharge is one of the most affordable on this list. Canister cleaners are usually considered best to clean hardwood floors and this model adds more credibility to that statement. It is also a cordless unit and comes with a powerful rechargeable 15.6 volt battery which promises to consume 70% less energy. The Accucharge from Dirt Devil is only six pounds heavy (or light?) and thus one of the best handheld vacuum online. It reaches the corners and hard to clean spots very easily due to its small size and light weight. Storing it will never be a problem thanks to its foldable handle which makes storing as easy as possible.

5. Hoover Cyclonic Stick

Hoover makes another appearance on this list with the Hoover Cyclonic Stick vacuum. It comes with a powered brush roll and runs on hoover’s own cyclone technology. This makes sure that the cleaner does not loose mid – way through the cleaning no matter how long the home owner has it running for. It comes with a 20 – foot long power cable that makes sure you don’t have to unplug it time and time again. With Hoover’s wind tunnel technology, it is able to provide a very deep clean to not just hard surfaces, but other surfaces as well. It is also well suited for dirt pick-up and dry spills.

These are just 5 of the top hardwood floor vacuums we found online. There are many other review sites out there like Vacuum Companion, which offers excellent information on how to choose the perfect wood floor vacuum for your home, and your personal style.