November 10

The Best Cleaning Products for Hardwood Floors

Think of a shiny basketball court. Now imagine your hardwood floors looking as clean, shiny, and as (for lack of a more dramatic term) healthy as the court. The main reason why your floors do not look as flawless is because you have probably been using the wrong or maybe even substandard cleaning products.

Cleaning Hardwood Floor WIth Sweeper

This article will enlighten you on everything you need to know about cleaning your floors to give a spotless appearance. Start with knowing that your hard wood floors can look better than they do. Next, realize that there are products recommended for cleaning and maintaining hardwood floors.

Consequently, you will learn the best hardwood floor cleaning products and accessories to help in the task of cleaning floors. We guarantee that by the end of this article your floors will be the best looking-you just need to apply the advice given.

The First Thing to Understand

The first thing to understand when looking for a good hardwood floor cleaning product is that trial and error leads to the best products on the market. As a result, the first thing to look for (though not very important) is the age of the cleaning product’s brand. The older brand represents more refined cleaning products.


Hence, the first hardwood floor cleaner you should consider is BONA HARDWOOD FLOOR CLEANER. This particular cleaner is endorsed by the National Basketball Association and has been in the market since 1919. Clearly, the product should work as well as it does on NBA basketball courts. Good House Cleaning ranks it as the fastest shoe marks and mud remover. Their trigger bottles make it easy to clean specific spots and leave them spotless. The product costs less than $10 for a liter bottle.


Another product ranked as the best hardwood floor cleaning is Armstrong Hardwood Floor cleaning products. The Armstrong products include: Bruce hardwood and laminate spray and the Armstrong hardwood and laminate cleaners among their other cleaning accessories. Armstrong cleaning hardwood cleaners are recommended for their laminate finish to the floors. It is observed by the manufacturers that using the Armstrong products lead to a consistent laminate shine on the floors. Hardwood floor cleaners from Armstrong come with recommendations of cleaning for the best results. These include: no exposing the floor to sunlight, cleaning spills immediately and using natural mats to protect shiny floors longer. The Armstrong products also range lower than $15.


Since two is better than one, three must be better than two. Hence, another good hardwood floor cleaning product to use is Swiffer WetJet Wood Starter. This is a cleaning combination product that uses a Swiffer sweeper with jet sprays to clean hardwood floors in a manner more similar to vacuuming than mopping. Indeed, the Swiffer device and cleaner makes it easier to clean hardwood finishes and maintains a natural glossy shine. For less than $24 the Swiffer WetJet Mop Wood Floor Starter Kit ensures that tough messes on hardwood floors are dissolved and give an effective clean floor.

You are now armed with the necessary arsenal to beat that messy hardwood floors that have been your sole nightmare. Use the above mentioned best hardwood floor cleaning products to increase the shine on those hardwood floors. Remember to follow manufacturer instructions when using these products. Happy cleaning and spotless floors to you!